Students will be able to:

In class we set up graphing stations. Students needed to look at a collection of objects, organize it, collect data and represent the data using a graph. The graphs could be bar or picture graphs. Students had to create a key representing the value of each line/picture. Students needed to create questions and show the math on how to solve for the answers. Once students were finished they uploaded pictures of their graphs on their webpage. Click on the student's name to view their graph work.

Station 1: Hershey Kisses (thought this could be red green silver sort) or (hugs and kisses)
Station 2: Holiday Socks (not sure if your kids have a socks but could be colored, santas not santa)
Station 3: Holiday Cards (pictures on the front of cards to be sorted - colors, pictures, animals, just words)
Station 4: Christmas Cookie (print out pictures of a variety of cookies)
Station 5: Christmas Toys (cut out pictures of a variety of toys to be sorted)
Station 6: Holiday wrapping paper (cut small pieces of the paper to be sorted)
Station 6: Survey Question (need a class list for student to collect answers on)

Braden's Graphs 100x1.gif
Joey's Graphs 100x1.gif
Joe's Graphs 100x1.gif
Aaron's Graph 100x1.gif
Brandon's Graph 100x1.gif
Jacob's Graph
Peyton's Graph
Aiden's Graph
Reagan's Graph
Nicholas' Graph
Thomas' Graph
Addison's Graph
Deborah's Graph
Jackson's Graph
Emma's Graph
Alani's Graph
Sydney's Graph
Sophia's Graph
Varun's Graph
Mirai's Graph
Uchiwa's Graph
Benjamin's Graph
Katy's Graph